Help Memberships Update & Simplification

Morgonaut 1-on-1 Video Call & Remote Help

I decided to simplify all my help memberships, because people were confused by the number of options and also because people in general have problem to read instructions. NOTHING changed for people with any current membership on my website. If you are currently on any membership, then you can continue on in undefinetely, sure you can also cancel.

But keep in mind once you will cancel your membership here, you will not have option to join any membership anymore. Because of very bad experience with ungrateful morons I decided in future not offer any help memberships anymore on my website. Only 1-on-1 one time help I added as new way how to help people. So if you want to still have access to my help through recurring membership, then stay on it.

Help memberships I still offer on my Patreon –

Lot of people really did not bother to read descriptions, so they were still asking for one time help and not recurring despite it’s very well described on my membership page 🙁 One time help was here possible all the time. So I added new option – no membership needed anymore.

Now you can book a 1-on-1 video call with me and remote session help directly to your computer in just few clicks and you can freely choose at what day and time. Availability is automatically synchronized with my calendars so you see always my current availability.

I also added STRIPE as payment processor so even wider range of people can get my help.

I believe you will enjoy these changes. If you would have any questions, feel free to comment bellow under this article. Take care…