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How to backup Hackintosh – Complete Guide – Step by Step Tutorial

Full complete guide how to easily backup a Hackintosh, make bootable clone of system disk… Step by step 5 methods described in detail.
Clone EFI partition, whole HDD to SSD, SSD to HDD, SSD to NVME, clone disk to image file – simply clone any disk to any other disk or image file or just backup certain files or folders.

00:53 | Carbon Copy Cloner
15:48 | Super Duper!
19:34 | Rsync
25:13 | Ghost 4 Linux (Parted Magic)
32:37 | Bonus solution – Hardware Cloning Station

Hardware Cloning Stations: #ad #ad

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Carbon Copy Cloner –
Super Duper! –
Ghost 4 Linux –
Parted Magic –


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