How to Fix BlueTooth in Hackintosh in 2 minutes

How to Fix BlueTooth in Hackintosh

Hackintosh tutorial how to FIX BLUETOOTH in HACKINTOSH the fastest and easiest way! No need to install anything, no messing with EFI configuration. This Hackintosh BlueTooth fix works out of the box.

In my last video I showed you how to fix WiFi in Hackintosh running macOS Big Sur or even macOS Monterey the fastest and easiest way. And in this Hackintosh tutorial I will show you how to fix BlueTooth in Hackintosh even easier πŸ™‚

I use this solution since I think High Sierra. It works in macOS Mojave, macOS Catalina and obviously also in currently latest macOS Big Sur 11.5.1. And the best thing on it is a fact you don’t need to install absolutely anything πŸ™‚ Really, no messing with your EFI configuration, no kernel extensions needed, no config, because it works out of the box. I will show you how extremely easy is to fix BlueTooth on your Hackintosh on my 32-core 3970x Threadripper Hackintosh example. 

So what you have to do to make it working? Darling all you need is this USB dongle:

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Just plug this USB BlueTooth dongle to your USB port and BlueTooth icon will magically appear in your System Preferences. It uses the same Broadcom chip as is in real Macs – that’s why it works natively, all support for it is already built-in inside of macOS.

This solution will also work on any Mac, Windows or Linux computer. So enjoy your newly working BlueTooth on your Hackintosh build. πŸ™‚

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