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How to Fix Hackintosh Sound – Latest Easy & Fast Solution

In 5 minutes you get your sound on Hackintosh up and running. 100% working Vanilla, Easy & Fast Solution. Works with all systems and codecs. Hackintosh sound fix most easiest way.

Supported Codecs:

Remove all your previous fixes and kernel extensions from locations where you put them. Most common mistake is to put kexts to System / Library / Extensions. Remove that, System / Library / Extensions should stay clean and intact. So remove all of the mess you installed before seeing this video, otherwise it will not work. Starting after a clean installation is best, but not neccessary, if you really ged rid of all your previous patches attempts leftovers. So it assumes you have original AppleHDA.kext not modified. Also clean your EFI/CLOVER/kexts folder from Voodoo kext etc.


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