Shocking Truth about Apple M1 MacBook Pro – Melting Down at 100C

Shocking Truth about Apple M1 MacBook Pro - Melting Down at 100C

Shocking truth about Apple M1 MacBook. Don’t trust to reviews on YouTube. I will put this Apple M1 MacBook Pro (late 2020) to it’s knees in just a minute.

Apple M1 Silicon equipped MacBook Air, Mac Book Pro or Mac mini are really impressive devices, much more power efficient than their Intel predecessors, but it’s still not good enough for really serious heavy work. I would not call the MacBook Pro a “Pro” at all when it will overheat and start to throttle down so quickly. So despite it’s efficiency MacBook Pro temperature really shocked me. It’s really not for heavy use. For some lighter tasks like web browsing, writing emails, presentations etc. it will be perfectly fine, but then you don’t need to pay premium for M1 MacBook Pro, M1 MacBook Air would handle it perfectly fine. THIS VIDEOS IS NOT ABOUT ANY RENDER TIMES, IT’S ABOUT TO PUSH THE HARDWARE TO IT’S MAXIMUM! IT’S NOT ABOUT DAVINCI RESOLVE OR FINAL CUT. IT’S ABOUT TO PUSH THE MACBOOK PRO REALLY TO IT’S MAX. This video is not about any performance, it’s about temperature of coolest and most power efficient M1 Apple Silicon. Stress your cpu to max using any app, stress your gpu to max using any app at the same time for few minutes and you will see same results. Tested on: MacBook Pro M1 13″ (Late 2020) 512Gb internal storage 16GB of RAM 1TB Samsung NVMe external storage DaVinci Resolve 17.1 beta – OPTIMIZED FOR M1 NATIVELY – All media were on internal disk and proxy media generated to external NVMe 📌 SUBSCRIBE: Visit also my 2nd YouTube channel – MORGONAUT: 📌 🆘 SUPPORT & HELP: ********************** If you would need help with Apple Mac, Linux, Windows computer, server for virtualization, ZFS file server, video editing, fine tuning your workflow or consulting, you can get my personal individual support on my website: ✅ YOU CAN SUPPORT ME BY TIP: *********************************** FREE TO DOWNLOAD: ********************** Temperature & fan monitoring tool for APPLE SILICON M1 Macbook, Macbook Pro and Mac mini: Shop for MacBook Pro M1: Gear I used to shoot his video: ******************************* Camera 1 & 2: Lenses: Recorders: Capture card: Lights: Softboxes: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. 🎬 2019 Apple Mac Pro for Video Editing? How I saved lot of money on memory for Mac Pro: 🎬 2019 Mac Pro Memory Upgrade How-To Save LOTS of $$$