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Terms of Service

I provide personal 1 on 1 help with Apple Mac computer, Linux computer, Windows computer, server for virtualization, ZFS file server, video and audio production, fine tuning your workflow or consultation – nothing else. Before you decide to join any of my memberships, please first read really carefully all descriptions and choose the one tier perfectly fitted right for you.


Unlike on Patreon where they will charge you each 1st of month, no matter you joined just day before, my membership system starts exactly at the date / hour / minute of joining and it runs exactly 1 month, you will not be charged on 1st of each month, but really after one month period. Most fair system it can be.

DURING THE REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT DO NOT INTERRUPT THE PROCESS, DON’T CLICK THE BACK BUTTON etc. simply follow on screen instructions and wait for completing each step. At the end, after filling the payment info you will be prompted for final confirmation.

I provide my help as an individual with honest will to help to people, my membership prices are extremely low, so for example even poor people in India can afford it. I pay PayPal, conversion and transaction fees.

My help is focused on ordinary people, if you want me to help in your company, contact me for special individual conditions.

After joining any of my personal help or remote help memberships you will get automated email generated by my website. I will also get notification about you as a new member. Because you most probably live in different timezone my response to your registration can take several hours. If you would not get my response within 24 hours, please contact me on email address from which you get the confirmation email about your membership.

In next step I will create for you your own private room on my Discord support server – all instructions you will get via email. Whole communication in this private room on my Discord support server is dedicated only for communication between you and me. Nobody else has access to this private room. All informations there are private and so should be kept private! All support files you will get from me as well as my help and instructions are strictly private and only for your personal use, you are not allowed to share it with anybody else or use it for your own profit. You undertake to act kind and with respect to me, otherwise I have full right to cancel your subscription without a refund.

All my membership levels as described in their descriptions on my website are recurring monthly based. You are master of your membership, I don’t manage those. You can cancel, upgrade or downgrade your membership anytime you want on your membership page: or directly on your own paypal which you used to subscribe.
You are fully responsible when you will join my membership, when you will cancel, upgrade or downgrade your membership. You have full control over your membership, it’s all just in your hands. So if you don’t want take advantage of any of my help membership, then cancel your subscription. The same applies if you want to upgrade to get higher level services – do it anytime you want on your membership page. But still if you would have any problems with your membership, feel free to contact me on the email address from which you get initial confirmation about your membership.

Read and follow exactly instructions you will get from me to your email address you used to register on this website and also on your own private room on my Discord support server. Check your spam folder if you did not receive my emails or as described above simply contact me on the email address from which you get initial email after you joined any of my personal help or remote help membership levels.

Whole communication during live Skype call and remote session or in your private room on my Discord support server is private and so must be kept private!