Triple Boot Hackintosh Built The New Way

Triple Boot Hackintosh Built The New Way = Future of HACKINTOSH

macOS + Windows + Linux running AT THE SAME TIME on single computer = Triple Boot Hackintosh built “The New Way” – Morgonaut’s Way 🙂

As I informed on my websites and socials after releasing my previous video I ended up in hospital, so I was not able to prepare for you further videos. And because most people who clicked on my previous video never made it to the end where I showcased this amazing tripple boot hackintosh I dedicated to it separate video.

I decided I will do for you LIVE STREAM, where I will show you the whole process of configuring it from scratch LIVE. And because I do care about my audience I will give you the power to decide on which hardware I should configure such triple boot Hackintosh build. Below I listed several hardware configurations, from new computers to really old pieces.

Don’t forget – to build a Hackintosh the “new way” you don’t need any precisely chosen motherboard etc., it can run almost on any hardware. So now leave me comment what hardware I should use in my upcoming live stream as a base for a triple boot Hackintosh like this. OK? Let’s do it. And if my health will allow that – see you in my live Hackintosh New Way live stream.